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High quality thermoforming

55 years of technical expertise in aeronautics and industry

Large size thermoforming

Soplami is expert in large size thermoforming and has been supporting you for over 50 years in the realization of your projects, from the design to the production of your thermoformed finished assemblies.

High quality assembly

Our added value lies in our technical expertise on complex and innovative assemblies, thanks to specialized assembly teams for the equipment of finished and ready-to-install parts, as well as an efficient logistics organization. We deliver complete kits directly to your assembly lines, ensuring high-end finishes for ever more demanding sectors.

Modern and reliable

To meet your expectations at best, we are equipped with cutting-edge production means : latest generation thermoforming machines with digital control, CATIA design, CAM station, 5-axis machining including double table, fully digitalized manufacturing monitoring, automatic integration of your forecasts, connection to supplier portals…

About Soplami

As a family company founded in 1965, Soplami has historically been a direct supplier to aircraft industry, and a pioneer of reliable and economical thermoformed solutions for interiom trim.

Today, we bring you innovative solutions and a robust source of supply for your fully equipped sets.

Our priorities :

  • Quality
  • Leadtime
  • Best cost
  • Customer satisfaction
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Business lines


Historically a tier 1 supplier to european aircraft manufacturers and a pioneer in thermoformed interior fittings, we permanently adapt and innovate to serve a wide range of competitive applications for aircrafts, helicopters and even rockets.

In addition to our traditional aeronautical range, such as cockpit, cabin and seat trim, door trim, cable and electrical bay protection, ventilation, flash light protection, etc., our expertise will support you in the design and implementation of your new projects.


By precisely adjusting to the requirements of industrial customers, Soplami offers high-performance thermoformed interior and bodywork solutions for leisure vehicles, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, electric vehicles, mass transport and new mobility.

Color and surface finishes counter-typing, co-extruded materials, co-design... we deliver complete panoplies consisting e.g. of door trim and interior panels, door threshold, shower tray, dashboard, rear bumper, doors and vehicles front parts...


Offering thermoformed, laser or flat-machined sets, screen printing, digital printing, anti-bacterial materials, we meet the needs of medical equipment manufacturers by ensuring an optimal finish.

We support you in medical and paramedical fields, hospital equipment, laboratory devices, personal care, physiotherapy equipment, orthopedics, distribution trolley, presso-therapy, research, health, sports and well-being equipment.


With complementary production means like hot and cold folding, PMMA forming... we support start-ups and SMEs for a wide variety of bespoke projects in unitary, small or medium series, with design and materials creativity.

Beside our manufacturing range for POS, interior architecture, building, sports facilities, we contribute to your innovations with transparent parts, industrial cowls, attractive design hoods for electronic devices...

Manufacturing range

  • Co-design

    Concept study, study and realisation of panoplies, innovative complex assemblies.

  • Thermoforming 3x2 meters

    Latest generation thermoforming units, fully digital processes, 10 thermoforming machines including twin sheet, thermoforming tools adapted to various needs.

  • Materials advice

    Advice on materials selection, material research and innovation, lighter materials, decorative solutions, fire, smoke, toxicity standards, recycling...

  • 5-axis machining

    3-axis and 5-axis digital control machining, double table, laser machining

  • Assembly

    Highly qualified teams for assembly: bonding, sheet metal parts, riveting, labelling, velcro, foam application, silicones, inserts, sintered or 3D printed parts, equipment integration (loudspeaker, lighting, wiring, electrical harnesses)...

  • Paintwork

    Qualified aeronautical paints, transparent parts painting, extra matt paints, skydroll protection, hydrodiluted paints...

Thermoformed parts

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Quality certifications

ISO 9001 & EN9100

Special process qualifications :
Non-structural thermoforming, riveting and bonding, interposition of sealant, flaring, velcro installation, paints, hydrodiluted paints…